Financial freedom is available
to those who learn about it and work for it.
- Robert Kiyosaki
Finanical Quote :
Why Financial Coaching Is Important?
Financial Coaching is identifying and defining financial goals, prioritizing them and achieving these goals with a clear, focused and a customized game plan.

The first step in Financial Coaching is detailing the goals and objectives one has in life and matching them with present assets and income. We have to consider the life cycle stage of the individual, time horizon, liquidity needs, impact of taxation and inflation also.

What we offer?

First, we will analyse your current investments and insurance and give you an independent opinion on each of them. This will act as a second opinion about them. After understanding your major financial goals in life, we will give recommendations on where to invest to reach these goals.

Why i4Investments?

Since we are not selling any products, you can be rest assured that we are 100% neutral in our recommendations. Only a fee based financial planner can protect the interest of the clients.

What you will get form i4Investments?
Review of existing Life and Health Insurance
Review of existing Investments
Insurance Planning
Children Education/Marriage Planning
Investment Planning
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning
Financial Freedom
is available to those who learn about it and work for it.
Case study

Mr. Amitkumar More


Age : 32 years

Investment start form 2006

"i4Investments provides an excellent service, be it on a business or on a personal level. I have found the company's advice regarding investment opportunities particularly helpful everything is explained fully, no matter how complex the subject. The personal attention i4Investments gives to its clients is first rate, and this makes a refreshing change in today's financial marketplace."

Thanks i4Investment team :)

i4Investments Wealth Management offering wide range of i4Investments Advisory Services.



One Day Workshop On Wealth Creation Through Equity Investing


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see TODAY what other CANNOT


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