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I am Mahesh Chavan, NISM Certified Investment Advisor, Author and the Co-Founder of Marathi Paisa.

Back in 2008, when I started this company, I had one and only vision – “Creating Wealthy Investors” but after 12 years of my Practice with more than 2000 Clients I came to know People didn’t want to become Rich but also they want to become Happy Rich.

Being a Certified Investment Advisor wasn’t one of my top goals starting out. In fact, for a long time, I was a Stock Broker, But the struggle I faced due to Loss in Stock Market Trading (or rather, the lack of Right Knowledge) turned me into a natural financial advisor.

I was hopeless, helpless and vulnerable due to paucity of money.

My financial journey unveiled some gruesome truths – one of them being – There are SO many people who are hopeless, helpless and vulnerable due to paucity of money! This realisation left a resounding urge in me to help and guide people attain financial freedom.

Since its incorporation, we have helped 248 families and 191 retired individuals, 1412 individuals, 12 Chartered Accountants, 67 Bank officials, 217 Business owners and entrepreneurs and many more people to attain the financial freedom.

More than a decade later, it fills me with great joy that i4Investment Services Pvt. Ltd. still stands for everything I envisioned.