Finanical Quote :
Financial Education Is Your Best Investment
So what should you do now? The answer is simple: commit to growing your financial literacy with a process of continual improvement by beginning to learn today.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is financial intelligence. You have to start somewhere – wherever you are right now – and fortunately, success is a learnable skill.

If you work on yourself and study regularly, the reward for persistence can be financial freedom.

What you will get form i4Investments?

Financial education will teach you how to sort all the conflicting investment advice so that you know how to manage your way through a world filled with investment half-truths.

Financial education will help you build a wealth plan custom fitted to your individual needs.

Financial education will help you negotiate the conflicts of interest inherent in investment advice.

Financial education is how you demonstrate self-responsibility for your financial security.

Financial education is how you raise the ceiling on your financial future by raising your financial intelligence.

Financial education is like an annuity – it pays dividends for the rest of your life, and nobody can ever take it from you.

Financial education is the foundation on which true financial independence stands.

Financial education is a long term approach to wealth. It builds success on several levels by growing your knowledge, experience, and portfolio simultaneously so that you can retire early and wealthy with security and peace of mind.

Financial education is your best investment, and the only thing keeping you from enjoying all the benefits of smarter investing is… you.

Then increase your savings rate and investment return by 20% (i.e. from 10% to 12% investment return or from Rs.10000 saved per month to Rs.12000), and notice the dramatic change in results when compounded over your expected lifetime.

That’s an example of the potential cash value of financial literacy. It’s literally worth a fortune.

It can mean the difference between financial security and flipping burgers in your old age.

So what are you going to do about it? What actions are you going to take today?

If you aren’t motivated to make a change, then all I can say is I walked the talk and it literally made me a fortune. I’m a big believer in financial education because I know the difference it made in my life. I hope you”ll join us and do the same.

Nobody said it better than this:

If you think (financial) education is
expensive,try ignorance.
- Andy McIntyre
Case study

Mr. Amitkumar More


Age : 32 years

Investment start form 2006

"i4Investments provides an excellent service, be it on a business or on a personal level. I have found the company's advice regarding investment opportunities particularly helpful everything is explained fully, no matter how complex the subject. The personal attention i4Investments gives to its clients is first rate, and this makes a refreshing change in today's financial marketplace."

Thanks i4Investment team :)

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see TODAY what other CANNOT


see TODAY what other CANNOT


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